Hackathon – challenge 1

20-21th of september 2019

The challenge

How can we, in a personalized way and taking into account its changing context, optimize mobility for leisure activities; for users as well as the area involved?

The context

When it comes to leisure activities, we can choose from a wide array of activities, such as sport, culture, concerts, festivals, hobbies, … A variety of choices for everyone. When we choose what we do in our leisure time, we not only have to take into account with what exactly we want to do, but also how we will get to the activity itself. The participating in an activity is therefore also partially determined by the possibilities in regards to mobility. In which way can I optimally get to the activity of my choice? And how do I get back home?

In the current context, usually users have to find out on their own what the moest effective way is to get from point A to point B. There are already initiatives on the market, who for example send out personalized mobility updates before the start of a concert (Sportpaleis Group), by foreseeing multiple mobility possibilities such as public transport, bikes (Rock Werchter), …

In this challenge, we want to look at optimizing the existing mobility (current context); as well as proposing solutions for the future; always taking into account the wishes and needs of users and their different contexts. Next to that, we also wonder in which way we can bring about a mentality shift for users, so that already existing and working solutions are also effectively being used.
By doing so, we also need to take into account always changing factors such as the weather, strikes of public transport, offer of public transport and shared mobility in cities, …

Presenting partners